Many times in biophilic media we only look at the spring and summer versions of nature, when plants are in full, radiant bloom and waterways course regally through a landscape, but does that mean that we can only be biophilic confederates when the weather is “nice”?

Photo by: National Geographic Kids
Photo by: National Geographic Kids

HECK NO! Biophilic adventures can happen any month of the year – including the winter months. To demonstrate this, we’ve searched through dozens of “things to do” lists to compile this master list of things to do this winter season.

Photo by: Anywhere but Nowhere Blogspot on Land Art
Photo by: Anywhere but Nowhere Blogspot on Land Art

Hope you enjoy!

1. Embark on a winter photo expedition

2. Sketch outdoors

3. Have a winter picnic

4. Feed the birds

5. Go horseback riding

6. Play flashlight tag

7. Grab a GPS unit and go geocaching

8. Hit the slopes for skiing/snowboarding/tubing

9. Go snowmobiling

10. Play hockey

11. Hit the rink or a thoroughly frozen pond for ice skating

12. Make land art in the woods by placing natural materials in interesting shapes and patterns

13. Search for animal tracks

14. Weave a wreath out of pines, vines, and other plant objects

15. Match fallen leaves to their trees and find out the name/species of the tree

16. Go skeet shooting or visit a target range

17. Take a hunting trip (for those of you who are meat-eaters)

18. Go winter camping

19. Rent a cabin

20. Go Hiking

21. Build your own bows and arrows using fallen branches and twigs

22. Collect pine cones

23. Paint on leaves and rocks

24. Have a bonfire

25. Go ice fishing

26. Dive in for a polar bear swim

27. Blow bubbles and watch them turn to ice!

28. Mix food coloring with water and freeze it into bricks for a colored igloo, or other shapes like an

outdoor candle jar

29. Make colored ice cubes to hide around the yard for a makeshift scavenger hunt

30. Mix food coloring and water in a spray bottle to snow paint your lawn!

31. “Snow roll” the biggest snowball


33. Make snow angels

34. Build a snowman

35. Or an igloo!

36. Mold imaginative snow/ice sculptures

37. Start a snowball fight

38. …And maybe build a fort to hide behind

39. Break out the cross-country skis

40. Take a sleigh ride

41. Watch or partake in a dogsled race

42. Go snowshoeing

43. Relax in an outdoor hot tub

44. Use snow for snow cones

45. Make snow ice cream – have no fear, Paula Deen has a recipe (5 star rating!)

Photo by: The Big Woods Club
Photo by: The Big Woods Club

Before setting off on your winter biophilic adventure, take a minute to make sure you are adequately dressed and prepared. If you aren’t, you probably won’t be staying outside very long. Happy adventuring!

Photo by: The Washington Post
Photo by: The Washington Post

Mariah Gleason, Biophilic Cities Project Researcher and GIS Analyst

Mariah is a master’s candidate in Urban & Environmental Planning at the University of Virginia.