Wellington, New Zealand has recently established a biophilic city team at Wellington City Council and is developing a new program called “Our Living City,” embracing urban nature connections throughout the city. One of the pillars of Wellington’s Strategic Vision is to be an “EcoCity,” and Wellingtonians have a deep appreciation of nature, be it in the context of the famous wind, the bushy hills encircling a magnificent harbor, the Cook Strait, the City’s burgeoning native bird life, or the impressive network of green spaces. The city currently has over 4,000 hectares of reserve lands, including parks and reserves for recreation, wildlife, and scenery. Wellington also has over sixty community conservation groups which participate in planting native species in reserve lands. The Wellington City Council anticipates planting about 1 million native trees within the next four years, and between 2010-2011, volunteer environmental groups in Wellington performed 28,000 hours of service.

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