English countryside, Ash Tree Forests

Ash dieback disease is plaguing the English countryside and is said to transform the country’s beautiful landscape by endangering their fourth most abundant tree species, the Ash Tree.  Little is known on how the disease is actually spread, but the strongest assumption is through fungal spores carried by the wind — essentially being taken to anywhere, at anytime.  You can identify infected trees in two ways: (1) their dead or dying leaves during growing seasons and (2) through discoloration of the stem — transitioning from the lively, green color to brown.   Further information can be viewed below in the video produced by AshTag.

A group of environmentalists developed AshTag as a means to combat the tree-killing epidemic, notifying the English Forest Commission through smartphone technology of an infected tree’s coordinates, while including a photo and description.  The Forest Commission reviews these submissions and verifies the finding, and when needed investigates the situation.

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