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Biophilic Cities for Health

Few modern challenges are as vexing as health, and as costly it seems.  And the modern dimensions are many, from obesity and sedentary lifestyles, to the rise in depression, to the continuing toll of cancer. In the US we spend an astounding $2.8 Trillion on health care, nearly 18% of our GDP, and yet we [...]

Landscapes of Longevity

By 2030, over 72 million baby-boomers will be entering retirement. Though living longer than previous generations, 80% of America’s seniors suffer from chronic illnesses such as heart disease, obesity, or Alzheimer’s. In contrast, the landscapes of longevity have shaped cultures whose daily work, diet, & social routines enable citizens to live measurably longer, healthier lives [...]

Just a Spoonful of Nature: How much do we need to maintain wellness?

How much exposure to nature is needed to improve physical and mental health? This is a question that the Biophilic Cities Project and other researchers are trying to answer. Roger Ulrich’s landmark study in 1984 investigated whether recovering gallbladder surgery patients who were assigned a room with a window view of nature saw beneficial results [...]

Heath Impact Assessments for Measuring the Impact of Nature

Convincing local governments to invest in nature can often be a hard sell. With a finite amount of resources and growing demands, prioritizing nature in cities can be difficult. One strategy for obtaining funding or buy in for your urban nature project is to conduct an assessment of its potential health impacts. Human health benefits [...]

Rethinking green living and dying

There was a time in this country when cemeteries were both sacred places of the dead and also one of the few places city dwellers could escape to greener landscapes. Today, one aspect of a greener world that is often overlooked is planning for sustainable resting places for our loved ones. Estimates of known cemeteries [...]

45 Things To Do This Winter Season!

Many times in biophilic media we only look at the spring and summer versions of nature, when plants are in full, radiant bloom and waterways course regally through a landscape, but does that mean that we can only be biophilic confederates when the weather is “nice”? Photo by: National Geographic Kids HECK NO! Biophilic adventures [...]

A Biophilic Bubble for Every Room?

by Timothy Beatley About a year ago I happened to duck into Sightglass Coffee, in the South of Market neighborhood of San Francisco, a place that had been highly recommended to me. The coffee there was good, but I was especially pleasantly surprised to discovered two beautiful glass terraria sitting on a counter near the shop’s front windows. [...]

Ademprivi: An ancient tradition of community agriculture in Sardinia

In cities and towns across the U.S., community farms and gardens have been gaining popularity as a hip way for urban residents to meet their neighbors, get their hands dirty, and grow their own fresh food. In several instances, these farms also serve another purpose—that of providing fruits and vegetables to disadvantaged neighbors, people who [...]

Growing Food in the Biophilic City

Growing food is one of the most biophilic activities there is, with the potential to connect us with terra firma and to one another. Growing food involves knowledge of weather, water and nutrient cycles, and place. It means being outside, engaging in physical exercise and activity, and it delivers positive emotional and psychological benefits.  Food-producing gardens [...]

Trees: Greening Away Social Inequity

Recently, several articles from major newspapers, including the Washington Post) and Los Angeles Times, have illuminated the degree to which tree placement is an issue of social equity in cities. Scientific studies have shown that across the city-scape, trees and green space are largely present in wealthier city neighborhoods, with areas of least tree cover [...]