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“Healing Gardens Make Hospital Stays a Walk in the Park”

(From buildinggreen.com) What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “hospital”? A lush, sun-dappled garden buzzing with hummingbirds, or a cold, institutional interior? For those of us who thought of the latter, the therapeutic landscapingmovement is aiming for a change—and it’s finding more and more synergies with medical science, sustainable [...]

SciSpy App

  If you’re looking to connect to other people with an interest in animals and nature, use Sci.Spy to document the things around you. You can contribute photos from suggested missions like the Sci.Spy Urban Wildlife collection or upload miscellaneous photos from your “sightings” to get help identifying a species. The app links directly to [...]

LeafSnap App

When you’ve found a great location or just want to spend some time scavenging in your own backyard, download LeafSnap for iPhone or iPad. With this app you can browse plant and fruit species by their common or scientific names or by location. If you have a piece of white paper handy, you can use [...]

Nature Find App

The quickest way to start linking yourself to nature nearby is with the NatureFind app, it works best on the iPhone. NatureFind is an extremely basic app thatuses your current location or any location you choose to map surrounding events, parks, conservancies, or other nature-related attractions to visit. You can also add your events or [...]

Via Verde: Density, Health and Nature

Is it possible to build densely in cities but also ensure access to nature? A terrific new development in the South Bronx, in New York City, is showing the way. There was a time not that long along when the Bronx was literally burning. It was a place where, in the 1970’s and 1980’s, high [...]

Greening Vitoria’s Urban Corridors

In this second week of our workshop, teams have each taken on one of the four axes of the proposed interior green belt or anillo verde. After two days of visiting the axes, recording observations and analyzing the existing conditions, each group presented their research to the workshop. Though each axis of the anillo has [...]

Measuring the Economic Value of a City Park System

Did you know that city parks are economic assets that create value for cities and residents? Parks attract tourism, sustain real estate values, and increase public health and enjoyment. Since 2007, the Center for City Park Excellence has been helping quantify these benefits to determine the economic impact of city park systems. Our five most [...]

Seattle Food Forest

One of the most ambitious urban orchard projects underway in the US is the new Beacon Food Forest, in Seattle. Here, in the Beacon Hill neighborhood, a 7 acre parcel of land, owned by the Seattle Public Utility (SPU) will eventually be transformed into a multi-layered, public orchard and edible park. With seed money from [...]

Getting to Know Vitoria Gasteiz

Our first few days here in Vitoria Gasteiz have certainly been a whirlwind! We've spent most of our time getting to know the city with help from a series of presentations from local professionals. We are also starting to understand the importance of the political landscape here - Vitoria has a progressive new mayor who [...]

Gearing Up for the 2012 Landscape Urban Forum

This Saturday, Chelsea, Carla, Jack, Rachel, and I will depart Charlottesville for Vitoria-Gasteiz, a small city in the Basque Country of northeastern Spain. Vitoria is already renowned as a green city for its perimeter green belt, and has been honored as the European Green Capital for 2012. This conference will bring students and professionals from [...]