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DIY Tech: Creating a Wild City Map for Montréal

On any given day, one might encounter any number of wild plants in a city: boisterous grasses lining the sidewalk, wildflowers blooming in a median, spontaneous species bursting through cracks in bricks and pavement. But where are these and other specimens most likely to appear, and what values and meaning do people ascribe to them? [...]

Listening to the Nature in Cities

By Tim Beatley Few sounds return me to my childhood as quickly or as vividly as those enjoyed on a typical summer evening here in the eastern U.S.: the katydids, grasshoppers, tree frogs, and other sounds that make up nature’s nightly music festival. These are sounds that settle us, calm us, often lull us to [...]

Interview with Bernie Krause

The Biophilic Cities team recently had the opportunity to interview Dr. Bernie Krause, former composer/musician and author of The Great Animal Orchestra: Finding the Origins of Music in the World’s Wild Places. Dr. Krause is an author, naturalist & public speaker exploring the world of soundscape ecology, bioacoustics & natural sound. Known as one of the [...]

Herbert Dreiseitl on Water Shaping Cities

Last month the Biophilic Cities team had the pleasure of hearing from Herbert Dreiseitl, Director of the Rambøll Liveable Cities Lab and founder of Atelier Dreiseitl, about the sort of projects that take site context to a whole new level by valuing all forms of water, and making them into flowing art which delights citizens. [...]

Blue Mind: An Interview with Wallace J. Nichols

New York Times bestselling author Wallace J. Nichols joined Tim Beatley and the rest of the Biophilic Cities team to talk about the power of water and his new book, Blue Mind: The Surprising Science That Shows How Being Near, In, On, or Under Water Can Make You Happier, Healthier, More Connected and Better at [...]

Research on the Restorative Power of the “Urban Blue”

In 2013, Sebastian Völker and Thomas Kistemann of the Institute for Hygiene and Public Health at the University of Bonn in Germany, published an article about the restorative power of the “urban blue” (abstract here: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23273410). Völker and Kistemann developed an argument in favor of the potential for the urban blue, which they define as “all [...]

Paddleboard Urbanism

Post by Tim Beatley Years ago I attended the Congress of the New Urbanism annual conference in Chicago, where I met Katie Selby (now Katie Selby Urban). She and her brother Jed had just embarked on an ambitious plan to develop a new neighborhood in their home city of Buena Vista, Colorado. That development, called [...]

Biophilic Cities Comes to Washington D.C.

The DC Environmental Network (DCEN) hosted a presentation and discussion on the Biophilic Cities Initiative on Oct. 2nd in preparation for launching a Biophilic Cities project in the District. This opening event, featuring Prof. Tim Beatley and network members Stella Tarnay and Megan Draheim, introduced the concept of biophilic cities to local environmental leaders, many [...]

The Surprise and Delight of Urban Nature

By Tim Beatley Part of the great pleasure of living in a city is discovering the many forms of “nature in unexpected places,” the theme of this month’s e-newsletter. Some of this nature is designed, of course, but much of it is simply extant, and resiliently co-adapting to urban conditions.  The city is after all [...]

Keeping an Eye on Urban Butterflies

Photo by Leslie Seaton Citizen science projects abound, and the benefits of ordinary people undertaking scientific research are many: gathering large volumes of data, sourcing information from a wider variety of locations than possible through traditional means, and providing opportunities for local residents to learn more about the nature that surrounds them. What [...]