Cities are for Wildlife: An Interview with Camilla Fox, Founder and Executive Director of Project Coyote

Camilla H. Fox is the founder and executive director of Project Coyote- a national coalition of scientists, educator, predator friendly ranchers and citizen leaders promoting compassionate conservation and coexistence between people and wildlife through education, science, and advocacy. With 20 years of experience working on behalf of wildlife and wildlands and a Masters degree in wildlife ecology, [...]

Complex Backyard Jungles: An Interview with Zara McDonald, Founder of Felidae

Post by Tim Beatley and Carla Jones Zara McDonald is the Founder and President of Felidae Conservation Fund. She is an entrepreneur, conservationist, and vet technician, and has journeyed throughout four continents working on behalf of wild felid research and conservation since 2002. Zara has worked extensively in all areas of felid research, tracking and [...]

Humane Co-existence in the Biophilic City

Post written by Tim Beatley I think one important litmus test for a biophilic city might be the extent to which it commits to finding ways to effectively and humanely co-exist with other forms of life. It is remarkable to think that one could live in a metropolis like San Francisco where it might be [...]

Geese Peace: A Strategy for Humane Co-Existance

Post written by Dita Beard Many citizens become frustrated when Canada Geese occupy our favorite outdoor recreation areas, especially those with bodies of water. Communities can be torn when faced with how manage citizen frustration and support wildlife. Often, lethal and other non-humane strategies are taken, but these strategies are ineffective over the long run. [...]

Legislating the Humane Treatment of Wildlife

Post written by James D. Brown Our need to plan for nature in our urban landscapes requires a purposeful consideration of how we, as human urban residents, can peacefully co-exist with our more wild neighbors. Some cities are considering the methods by which these interactions occur, especially how we can humanly treat wildlife that may [...]

The Biophilic City and Wildlife

Post written by John Hadidian, Senior Scientist for the Humane Society of the United States’s Wildlife Program Cities are humanity’s preferred habitat, just as rocky intertidal zones are preferred by barnacles and deciduous forests by scarlet tanagers. More than half of all humans now live within urban boundaries, while in some places -- Australia for [...]