Interview with Nick Grayson

We recently interviewed Nick Grayson, Climate Change and Sustainability Manager at Birmingham City Council, to learn more about the city of Birmingham in the United Kingdom and its progress in becoming a biophilic city. Q: Please tell the story of Birmingham as a biophilic city - how did the journey begin and where are you [...]

Interview with Ann Beier

We recently interviewed Ann Beier, Director of Portland, Oregon's Office of Healthy Working Rivers, to learn more about her work and how the rivers relate to Portland as a biophilic city. Q: Can you share a bit of background on Portland's Office for Healthy Working Rivers, what the office does, and your role?  Portland, like many [...]

ASU Students Research the Biophilic Qualities in Phoenix

Las fall, a team of Sustainable Cities Honors Students from Arizona State University participated in group research projects examining biophilic characteristics in and around Phoenix. Each team had a site or neighborhood within the city that they examined for characteristics such as environmental stewardship, community engagement, knowledge and proximity to nature, and prevalence of fauna [...]

Interview with Dr. Stephen R. Kellert

 An interview with Dr. Stephen R. Kellert about his new book, Birthright: People and Nature in the Modern World. What led you to write Birthright, and why now? Can you share any experiences in your own journey discovering nature? Can you discuss the balance between our innate "birthright" to nature and how such a connection might [...]

Interview with Elisabeth T. Bailey

Questions and Answers With Elisabeth Tova Bailey, author of the book The Sound of a Wild Snail Eating.  --First a few preliminaries:  I wonder how your health is at the moment (readers will want to know, but of course I don’t want to intrude), and what perhaps what you are working on/writing about currently?  The [...]