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Continuing a Legacy of Conserving and Connecting Ecological Landscapes, Edmonton Joins the Biophilic Cities Network

July 10, 2016 By James D. Brown Summer 2016 is proving to be a fruitful time for Edmonton and its continuing dedication to embracing its urban ecological landscapes. Beginning with Environment Week Edmonton, the summer has seen the kickoff of Breathe: Edmonton’s Green Network Strategy that looks to broaden where and how Edmonton residents and [...]


June 22, 2016 Marking the culmination of collective work over the last year and a half, Washington, DC, known as the District of Columbia or “DC” locally, has formally joined the Biophilic Cities Network. Leading the effort was Biophilic DC, a group of professionals and organizations committed to bringing nature into the lives of their [...]

Biophilic DC Celebration- May 23, 2016

RSVP to biophilicdc@gmail.com

Biophilly Meet and Greet- May 18, 2016

Biophilic Cities Comes to Washington D.C.

The DC Environmental Network (DCEN) hosted a presentation and discussion on the Biophilic Cities Initiative on Oct. 2nd in preparation for launching a Biophilic Cities project in the District. This opening event, featuring Prof. Tim Beatley and network members Stella Tarnay and Megan Draheim, introduced the concept of biophilic cities to local environmental leaders, many [...]

Zoning for Biophilia – a shout out to local legislators committed to making “greening” easier

Every morning when I check my Google Reader, there is a new headline touting the another  grassroots city green initiative.  Urban farming in Detroit and urban orcharding in Philadelphia.  Pocket parks—aka parklets— in San Francisco.  The transformation of railways to greenways in Manhattan and bridges to greenways in DC.   Beekeeping and a  rooftop farm in [...]

New Research Suggests Walks in Nature Improves Memory and Mood in Depressed Individuals

While many of us would attest that going on a hike or a walk in a park with a friend makes us feel happier, improves our minds, and clears our heads, its exact benefits have rarely been the subject of scientific experiments or studies, until now. In its November 2012 issue, The Journal of Affective [...]

“Healing Gardens Make Hospital Stays a Walk in the Park”

(From buildinggreen.com) What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “hospital”? A lush, sun-dappled garden buzzing with hummingbirds, or a cold, institutional interior? For those of us who thought of the latter, the therapeutic landscapingmovement is aiming for a change—and it’s finding more and more synergies with medical science, sustainable [...]

Measuring the Economic Value of a City Park System

Did you know that city parks are economic assets that create value for cities and residents? Parks attract tourism, sustain real estate values, and increase public health and enjoyment. Since 2007, the Center for City Park Excellence has been helping quantify these benefits to determine the economic impact of city park systems. Our five most [...]

Terrapin Bright Green releases The Economics of Biophilia: Why Designing with Nature in Mind Makes Financial Sense

Why do certain places make us feel good? Anthropologists tell us we are hard-wired to respond to nature. People viscerally respond to the same relationships in architecture because they make us feel good. These sensations are known as biophilia. Terrapin Bright Green is pleased to release The Economics of Biophilia, a white paper that compiles [...]