Soundmapping: Redefining the Way We Think About Natural Soundscapes in Cities

Over the past several years cities have undergone a profound transformation in how they share information about their natural resources. For decades, maps and nature guides produced by cities facilitated the exploration of urban trails, parklands, and other natural assets that exist within the urban boundary (Check out San Francisco’s Nature in the City map for an [...]

Listening to the Nature in Cities

By Tim Beatley Few sounds return me to my childhood as quickly or as vividly as those enjoyed on a typical summer evening here in the eastern U.S.: the katydids, grasshoppers, tree frogs, and other sounds that make up nature’s nightly music festival. These are sounds that settle us, calm us, often lull us to [...]

Sounding Out Environmental Health

Post written by Julia Africa, Program Leader, Nature, Health, and the Built Environment at the Center for Health and the Global Environment The great beating heart of the biophilic cities proposition, a colleague recently pointed out, is its fearless use of the word “love”; urban greening frameworks rarely cast our innate affinity for nature in [...]