DIY Tech: Creating a Wild City Map for Montréal

On any given day, one might encounter any number of wild plants in a city: boisterous grasses lining the sidewalk, wildflowers blooming in a median, spontaneous species bursting through cracks in bricks and pavement. But where are these and other specimens most likely to appear, and what values and meaning do people ascribe to them? [...]

The Future of Technobiophilia: An Interview with Sue Thomas

Have you ever wondered why so many technological terms are named after nature, such as the cloud, or why many of us have wallpapers and screensavers of beautiful natural wonders and landscapes? Could there be biophilic traits to this ever-growing technological world? When you ask Sue Thomas, author of Technobiophilia: Nature and Cyberspace, to define [...]

The Technobiophilic City

It seems a reality of modern life that we all carry with us a variety of electronic media that pull and tug on us everywhere we go--smart phones, tablets, smart watches and Google glass. Most of us use this technology, understand that our lives have been changed because of it, and would not want to [...]