is a online collective for children and adults who like ‘to learn by doing.’ It is a fun and interactive way for children to enhance their creative potential and inquisitiveness while being supported by an online community of similar minds. Its design and concept is similar to the Boy Scouts‘ and Girl Scout’s merit badges, where a scout has to perform a skill, research a subject, or build a product to have ‘mastered’ that topic. This free educational platform fosters healthy individual drive and competitiveness by enabling instant online access to a multitude of do-it-yourself (DIY) projects and information.

There are many different ‘skills‘ that children can learn through this online community, ranging from Astronomy to Zoology! There are many different biophilic skills that your child can learn through this nifty website — and maybe you’ll learn something new too! Sign up today, get the iPhone app, and start learning by doing, the biophilic way!