Post written by MARC GRAÑÉN – landscape artist.


After many years working in landscape projects, increasing green areas in urban environments by using walls and roofs, I noticed how many square meters were not used in other ways. I decided to create the first and unique worldwide-patented system to increase green urban areas, through the new “Gardens in Movement” concept. “Gardens in Movement” can be placed on the rooftops of any kind of vehicle, like this first bus in the world with a PHYTOKINETIC roof.


With an amazing professional team of enthusiastic people, we started the project with the best technical assistance in order to create a real garden that would be safe and meet the requirements of all of the codes.

The frame is made of stainless steal or fiberglass, fixed on the roof (adapted to its shape and colors), respectful of emergency exits, antennas or any other necessary hardware;  and considers the drainage of water through the perimetric holes.

construction1construction3 construction4construction5

The microholed bands fixed on top keep the whole garden secure in case of sudden stops as they allow the water to flow freely.


Then, we use hydroponic foam/wool rock instead of typical soil because it’s lighter, cleaner and maintains the humidity level, which saves more irrigation water.


The plants are adapted to local climate and are chosen among those that better resist tough conditions of wind and dryness, without losing their beauty. A layer of sedums (or other recovering green carpets) give the garden the full green overview.


The stainless steel mesh is fixed all around the perimeter and also to the micro-holed bands, securing the garden to the roof. Everything remains in place.


Antennas, emergency exits, fixations and other necessary parts of the vehicle are respected.


Finally, all the legal conditions are satisfied and security tests approved. Then, nature makes the rest.

roof6 roof3 roof4 roof2truck

Biodiversity thrives in these gardens in movement.


Like other gardens, PHYTOKINETIC works as a biodiversity center, allowing any sort of animals, including toads, worms, ants, bugs, bees, birds and butterflies to make their nests.  These Gardens in Movement help improve the quality of biodiversity.


PHYTOKINETIC is the best way to provide cities with a new ECOLOGICAL VALUE, working as an example for citizens who appreciate daily nature while going to work, home, or just moving around in their public transport. Children will grow up with a closer green concept, so they will learn faster how necessary is to keep on with nature. This smart way of thinking, provides us a better QUALITY OF LIFE.


Sponsoring becomes such a good idea that makes PHYTOKINETIC an amazing marketing platform to those companies that care about green technology, sustainable projects, and improving and addressing new challenges for a more sustainable society.


MARC GRAÑÉN is the creator of the Phytokinetic concept.