The Biophilic Cities Journal is produced by the Biophilic Cities Network, which is a global network of cities committed to conserving and celebrating nature in all its forms and the many important ways in which cities and their inhabitants benefit from the biodiversity and wild urban spaces present in cities. The Network acknowledges the importance of daily contact with nature as an element of a meaningful urban life, as well as the ethical responsibility that cities have to conserve global nature as shared habitat for non-human life and people.

Many individuals and organizations are due thanks for helping produce this inaugural issue of the Journal. We owe special thanks to the Summit Foundation for their generous and continuing financial support for the Network and for this new Journal. We also thank the School of Architecture, University of Virginia, for hosting and supporting the Biophilic Cities Network in many ways.


Table of Contents:

Blue Cities for Better Health by Jenny Roe

Elevating Nature: Milan’s Bosco Verticale by Reid Coffman