Oslo’s motto is “the Blue and the Green and the City in Between.” With the Oslo Fjord to the south and large forested areas to the north (two-thirds of the city is in protected forest), there is immense nature near to where Oslo residents live. It is estimated that 94% of the city’s residents live within 300 meters of a park or greenspace, a very good sign. There is especially a culture of visiting and recreating in the city’s forests, what Norwegians affectionately refer to as the “marka.” The City strives to, at once, promote a denser, more compact urban form, while also strengthening connections to nature. The City’s green plan lays out the bold vision of restoring and bringing back to the surface all eight of the main rivers that run through the city. The Akersleva is already mostly restored, and serves as an amazing green corridor, where hikers and bicyclists and families picnicking can hear and see nature in the very heart of this city.

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