St Louis, Missouri

Biophilic Cities Member since

The City of St. Louis has a rich and unique natural heritage, including a diversity of ecosystems that provide benefits to city residents and the animal species within the city. By joining the Biophilic Cities Network, the city has committed to several actions. First, the city will work to protect and restore nature and to create opportunities for new connections to the natural world wherever possible. Secondly, St. Louis committed to share information and insights about biophilic tools, techniques, programs, and projects successfully applied in the city. Finally, St. Louis will assist other cities in becoming more biophilic through technical expertise and political and professional support for efforts to protect and expand urban nature. The City of St. Louis harnesses the strength and spirit of its diverse community to create an economically, socially and ecologically vibrant City for present and future generations – one that dynamically serves those who live, work and play in the City’s rich and celebrated historic landscape.

  • St. Louis Great Rivers Greenway District’s River Ring connects people to nature all year long. The Greenway gets at the core of how nature enhances everyday life while also reconnecting people with each other.
  • Milkweeds for Monarchs, Butterflies in the City: To commemorate the city’s 250th birthday in 2014, the mayor challenged citizens to plant butterfly gardens in addition to the 50 gardens the city planted. The program was so successful that it has won grants to expand the work, including the GRO1000 Gardens and Greenspaces grant from the United States Conference of Mayors.

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