Portland has a deserved reputation for its commitments to all things sustainable and green. A longstanding leader in growth management (with a regional Urban Growth Boundary), green building, public transit and bicycle planning, among other topics, it is also a city and region committed to the protection and appreciation of nature. Portland boasts one of the highest parks per-capita acreage in the nation, including large natural areas such as Forest Park and the Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge. Portland is especially known for its pioneering work on green streets and other innovative approaches to natural storm water management.

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Portland’s Green Streets Initiative

The Intertwine Alliance, A Regional Conservation Strategy for the greater Portland-Vancouver  Region

A bi-state regional biodiversity recovery and management plan that identifies significant natural areas for acquisition and protection, develops innovative strategies to conserve the region’s natural resources, and ensures that large and small refugia are interconnected in every neighborhood and watershed in the region.