Seed Bombs for throwing

Danny, one of the co-founders of GreenAid, describes seed bombs as a way to “allow people to get involved in the incremental beautification of their environment.”

Seed bombs are one way for biophilic urbanists  to introduce vegetation to arid or off-limits lands.  They are essentially  hand rolled balls of dried soil, nutrients and seeds and, when watered, provide ideal conditions for starting seedlings.  Seedbombs are not a new technology, just a revisited one.  Native Americans would lay flattened seed bombs on inclines near streams or rivers to protect the seeds from animals.  This protection and location ensured adequate water supply and safety to germinate.  Taking this old technology and introducing it within the urban environment through guerilla gardening or PARK(ing) spaces could take your day from



to this.

Which would you prefer? Get started today and find where you can purchase seedbombs, or if you want a dispenser infront of your business you can find that here. Finally for all of those DIYers, Instructables provide a number of great “how tos” for seedbombs. Here’s our favorite.