Singapore has impressively set the goal and vision of becoming  “A City in a Garden.” As a highly populated, dense island city—5 million residents on 700 square kilometers, most living in high-rise towers—incorporating nature is a challenge.  But the city is setting a world model for combining density and nature and has already accomplished much. It has extensive park and green areas, tied together by 200-kilometers of Park Connectors, much of it in the form of elevated walkways and canopy walks. It has given priority to planting trees, and provides support for community gardens and the installation of green walls and rooftops.  Landsat Images show that while the city grew in population by some 2 million between 1986 and 2007, percentage of the island in green area actually increased as well, from 36% to 47%. Few dense cities can truly boast being “in a garden” in the way that Singapore can.

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