The Biophilic Cities Project

The Biophilic Cities Project is an umbrella term that refers to research and policy work on biophilic cities, both domestically and internationally, by Professor Tim Beatley and his team at the University of Virginia’s School of Architecture. Its principal aim is to advance the theory and practice of planning for biophilic cities, through a combination of collaborative research, dialogue and exchange, teaching. Researchers at UVA partner with in-country collaborators, to assess and monitor biophilic urban qualities and conditions, to identify obstacles and impediments to achieving more biophilic cities, and to identify and document best practices in biophilic urban design and planning. The Project will help to foster discussion and dialogue between and among researchers (and planners and policymakers in case study cities), will periodically convene researchers, and will publish working papers, reports and other publications that disseminate the findings of the project work, and spread the message about biophilic cities.

Summit Foundation Grant.  Work on Biophilic Cities at UVA is now being supported through a generous grant from the Summit Foundation, based in Washington, DC. This project will be underway from January 2012 through June 2013.  The project will be partly about developing a global metrics for biophilic cities, partly about developing case studies and comparing cities, and partly about nurturing along a global network of “biophilic urbanists.”

For the entire Summit Foundation grant proposal, click here:

Much of the work of the Summit project will center around key partner cities around the world. These include:

  • Singapore
  • San Francisco
  • Oslo
  • Portland, OR
  • Perth, WA
  • Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain
  • Phoenix

And Others!