Leveraging Urban Monarch Programs for Social Impact | Webinar by Catherine Werner

December 20, 2016 Catherine Werner

Catherine Werner, Sustainability Director for the City of St. Louis, discusses efforts to develop, deliver, and measure monarch conservation in an urban environment. With the objective of finding ways to better connect people with urban natural resources, St. Louis City partnered with organizations and agencies with expertise in conservation and natural resources to create a robust Milkweeds for Monarchs initiative, intended to benefit people and butterflies alike. The webinar focuses on the social aspects of monarch programs and highlights the city’s successful community outreach and education efforts–particularly in conjunction with creating school monarch gardens. St. Louis is among the first urban areas to develop and assess its monarch program, and the City has been involved in several urban monarch research projects. Catherine describes the link between monarch conservation and eco-literacy, as well as the social impact research conducted to better understand whether urban monarch gardens are making a difference in St. Louis.