The Humane Agenda: Animals in Cities | Webinar by John Hadidian and Bernard Unti

While it might seem obvious that a biophilic city would be a “humane” city, this assumption merits closer examination. On the one hand we have the “humane metropolis” concept championed by Holly Whyte and others that looks closely at the human environment and asks what it is to be humane toward our own kind. Biophilic constructs clearly apply here. On the other hand, if humaneness is applied to the nonhuman community, even biophilic cities may be challenged to give due consideration to the many classes and types of animals we share the urban environment with. This session will attempt to open the discussion about animals and Biophilia and begin to outline some of the basic considerations involved. We will argue that the sense of biophilic cities as humane cities is an area ripe for further exploration, understanding and action.